About Us

Eco friendly

We help keep the beaches and outdoors clean. We use green cleaning products for our bikes and take the discarded oil to a collection center for recycling. We also separate our waste.

Nosara Style

In Nosara, we think of ourselves as a big family, which is why, through our contacts, we can recommend you more services, such as accommodation, tours, food, yoga, spas, and more!

World-Class Surfing

Nosara is one of the surfers’ favorite destinations, with great waves that are appropriate both for beginners and expert surfers. It is the perfect place to surf away from hotels and crowds, in an authentic atmosphere where you can make real connections.

Surfing Lessons

If you want to learn how to surf, we can offer the best instructors, who will help you live an unforgettable experience in the warm waters of the Pacific. If you are an expert surfer, we can also provide customized services for your level and needs.


The Nosara area is famous for its yoga retreats and experienced instructors. Every year, thousands of people visit the village searching for serenity and transformation.

Smart & Local

Our Surf and Tours guides are locals who will show you the way to the best surfing spots, beautiful beaches and your choice of nightlife and gastronomy.

What Our Clients Say

Michael Magliano
Michael Magliano
April 26, 2022.
Such amazing hospitality, we had a great time on the E bikes. We’ll worth the time. Definitely be back to enjoy more of what road runner has to offer.
אלעד פוקס
אלעד פוקס
April 15, 2022.
Great service, very nice people
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez
April 13, 2022.
Great customer service, communication and products. They even picked up and dropped off the moto to make it as easy as possible for me. They were very flexible to let me extend my rental twice and overall great service at a great price. Highly recommend
Natalie Sagar
Natalie Sagar
April 4, 2022.
Great friendly staff. We rented a Honda motorbike (almost like a scooter). Staff dropped off and picked up bike from our hostel and were so flexible on times and can easily be reached by Wattsup. Good prices as well. Would definitely recommend!
April 3, 2022.
Great service and great quality!
Christina Valentino
Christina Valentino
April 3, 2022.
I had such a wonderful experience with Road Runners they were incredibly helpful and so considerate !! My bike was in perfect condition and I really loved Jeral and Carlos who I met with during my rental experience. Thank you for making my 3 months trip affordable and allowing me to be mobile!
William Huff
William Huff
April 3, 2022.
Great motorcycles and service. They'll deliver and pick up at your location. I rented for a month and loved it. During my rental period I had an issue with the moto and they replaced it within an hour. Highly recommended!
Tony Domoreo
Tony Domoreo
April 3, 2022.
Great service. Excellent communication. Fast delivery. English and Spanish speaking friendly staff

About Nosara

A peaceful paradise close to everything

Nosara is one of Guanacaste´s tourism paradises. With a surface of approximately 135 km2 and a population of nearly 5000, it is a district of the Nicoya County and hosts one of the 5 privileged Blue Zones in the world, areas where populations live extremely long lives, often reaching ages beyond 95.

Nosara is mostly known for its surfing and its yoga. It’s an ideal place to recharge your energy and free yourself from stress. Its slogan is: “No shoes, no shirt, Nosara”. The village has unpaved streets and small buildings, instead of large infrastructure for hotel and restaurant chains, and it seeks to promote local development and attract regional tourism.

Every week, two farmer’s markets take place, providing visitors the opportunity to find local and organic produce. The Nosara Fair takes place every Saturday morning next to the village’s supermarket, whereas the Blue Fair is held in Playa Guiones on Thursday mornings.

Nosara’s main attraction, without a doubt, comes from its white sand beaches that turn blue, orange, and gold at the end of each day. The main beaches are Guiones, Nosara, and Pelada. Playa Ostional, found nearby, is home to the National Wildlife Refuge of the same name, where every year hundreds of thousands of turtles come to nest.

Nosara’s population makes great efforts to conserve its forests and beaches, as well as its rich biodiversity. You will easily find racoons, iguanas, coatis, howler monkeys, squirrels, pacas, and many other wildlife species. It is also a birding paradise, with abundance of species such as brown pelicans and egrets, not to mention its diversity of marine species, such as olive ridley, green, and leatherback marine turtles, and marine mammals such as dolphins and whales.
The area provides all sorts of services, such as supermarkets, drugstores, spas, yoga schools, medical centers, and diverse restaurants. It enjoys regular bus service and there is a small airport for national flights.

In the beaches of Nosara, the waves invite you to surf away from the noise of big hotels and crowded beaches. Besides surfing, the area is famous for its yoga retreats and its experienced instructors. Every year, thousands of people visit the village searching for serenity and transformation.

Our Fleet

We’ve got a ride just for you!

Nosara is the perfect place to be near the nice beaches and close to restaurants, spas, yoga centres and other options for a relaxed vacation in the beach.

To close this package with a twist, we offer different ride options for your adventures, as well as for your ride to beaches, waterfalls, turtle nesting, birdwatching, and more!

Why Costa Rica

Land of mountains, volcanos, valleys, wetlands and beaches…

Conservation Areas

Nearly 1/4 of Costa Rica’s land is protected under the National System of Conservation Areas, which includes 29 National Parks, 19 Wildlife Refuges, 8 Biological Reserves, and more!

Accommodations +

Its beautiful beaches invite visitors to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the peaceful atmosphere, very appropriate for the practice of yoga and the search for well-being.

High Biodiversity

Sheltering close to 6% of all the world’s terrestrial biodiversity in less than 0.05% of the planet’s land, Costa Rica has the highest biodiversity density in the world.

No Army

The country is renowned for its commitment to peace and has remained military-free since it abolished its army in 1948. It is also one of the most stable democracies in the continent.



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