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Fat Pax Step-ThruFat Pax Step-Thru

Fat Pax Step-Thru

Rent from $55,00

The 52 Volt, high quality Samsung cell batteries will get you between 55-80 real-world km per charge. This depends on rider weight, terrain, and riding style.

  • 40 km/h max speed (Full Electric)
  • 27 kg weight
  • 6 hours charge time
  • 52-volt, 20 amp-hour battery
Alpha murfAlpha murf

Alpha Murf

Rent from $55,00

The Alpha Murf features a 20 Amp Hour battery. That means you’ll get roughly 50-80 km per charge depending on your riding style. If you pedal with the bike you’ll get closer to the high end of the range.

  • 45 km/h top speed
  • Five-level pedal assist
  • Integrated super bright off road headlight
  • 52-volt, 20 amp-hour battery